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Legend of the Mask

Once upon on a time there existed a primitive world of humanoids named Baalgard that was ravaged by tribal warfare for many generations. The majority of the conflicts centered around religion as each tribe bowed before different deities. One day a hero with unique abilities emerged named Lyras who successfully unified the planet with the help of his camarade Xeal.


Lyras originally hailed from a tribe of warriors known as the M’kuug who gained power from a malevolent and powerful god known as M’karajai. For generations the M’Kuug had been locked in war with a tribe of healers known as the Sagu. The power hungry M’kuug who had aspirations of conquest that stretched far beyond the lands occupied by the Sagu had been approached by an ambitious young Sagu named Xeal. Unlike the other members of his, Xeal did not bow to a god but rather followed an ever evolving governing set of universal principles and laws that he called science.


Because his tribe rejected his concepts he offered his creations to their mortal enemies and they accepted his offerings. With the help of the M’Kuug he was able to create many powerful weapons. It was during this time that Lyras emerged as a powerful young warrior and led the M’Kuug as they defeated and annihilated the Sagu. The power hungry M’Kuug did not stop there however as Lyras soon thereafter set out on a campaign to conquer all of Baalgard.


While originally successful during his travels a great sand storm hit that separated Lyras and Xeal from their troops and forced him to take refuge in a mysterious cave.In the cave Lyras and Xeal experienced a powerful revelation. While each of the tribes bowed before different gods there existed a higher level of truth that connected all of the people. Lyras and Xeal each interpreted this data in a different light. To Xeal this validated his belief that all of the people that bowed to gods were being deceived and that the unifying truth was his science. Lyras interpreted this to mean that all of the gods were real and that unification was to be achieved by finding the common elements of humanity as opposed to conquest.


From this point forward Lyras began worshipping and gaining strength from all of the gods of Baalgard and eventually he and Xeal succeeded in unifying the planet. Despite Xeal’s fundamental disagreement with the perspective held by Lyras he held his opinions to himself and patiently waited for an opportunity to seize control.Xeal’s genius truly was remarkable as he would eventually construct vehicles capable of travelling through space to other planets. Eventually Lyras began exploring space and spreading his message throughout the galaxy by completing tribal rites of passages on alien planets and earning the respect of their people. Because Baalgard was one of the oldest planets it was not uncommon for its peoples life spans to encapsulate the birthings and deaths of numerous solar systems.  For this reason, along with his abilities conquered peoples would often want to refer to Lyras himself as a god.  Time and time again he refused them.


Xeal had no faith in humanity and did not understand how Lyras could leave planets without leaving occupying armies nor could he understand why he rejected their efforts to deify him. Still, he bit his tongue and continued to work with Lyras masterfully playing the role of dutiful assistant.On a dreamlike planet known as Aurus Lyras met and fell in love with a living goddess named Neha and took her for his wife.


Neha had an unworldly beauty that drove men to madness and even the cerebral Xeal was affected. His jealousy for Lyras and the pain caused to him by Neha’s repeated rejections of him planted a seed of hatred in his heart that tore at his very soul.Soon there after Lyras, Xeal and Neha travelled to a swamp planet with a dark and foggy atmosphere named Durgar. There they encountered a tribe of people that bowed to a powerful witch doctor name Xarboc who ruled through fear. Xarboc was the lone inheritor of a horrible dark art that enabled him to do such things as erase peoples memories and capture the souls ofpeople and trap them in inanimate objects.


While Lyras and Neha seeked to integrate into the lives of the natives Xeal approached Xarboc in private and offered him an opportunity to spread his power all through out the galaxy in exchange for his help. In exchange Xeal asked Xarboc to trap Lyras’ soul and erase Neha’s memory of him. Xarboc agreed however Xeal did not want Xarboc to use one of Xarboc’s primitive dolls to trap Lyras, he insisted that he use an unique artifact that he had crafted with special, scientific specifications. Xeal created a mask that he felt would not only hold Lyras’ soul but also capture his power. That night Xarboc commanded his people to capture Lyras and Neha.


In a dark ritual he trapped Lyras inside of a simple mask and erased Neha’s memory of him. To Xeal’s horror, Neha still rejected him. Furious he injected her with fluids that knocked her out and boarded her on his vessel. He returned to Baalgard and told the people that Lyras had been killed due to his foolish faith in humanity and took control of the government. He then set out to conquer the galaxy.


He sent the slumbering Neha and the maskof Lyras to a carefully selected planet that he deemed ready to be guided towards his new state of authority. He oversaw the planets evolution and guided it towards him and then began to repeat this same process on countless planets.  



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